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[19 Mar 2007|10:15pm]
Unlike many toddlers, Micaela hasn't picked a special attachment item. Instead, she picks a new one daily. The honoree gets carried around, hugged and kissed frequently, and, new this week, the "awwwwww" sound while being patted lovingly. Sometimes it's a typical (albeit adorable) object such as her stuffed doggie or tiger, or a soft blanket. Sometimes, it's really bizarre.

Last week, I bought her a big purple ball at Target. A really big ball, the kind they keep in those giant cages at Target and toy stores. It's very light, but she has to use both arms to heft it up and she walks with it squashed against her face. She can only see her feet, if that. Well, she rode home with it in her lap (probably worse than having an airbag in front of her, in retrospect) causing many odd looks from other drivers, carried it around all day (tripping frequently), and actually brought it to bed with her. She couldn't fall asleep because she had to keep saying "Ball!!" Next day, it was just a fun toy again.

This morning, I sat her up on the changing table to put on her shirt and she pointed at the diaper sorter. "PASHE," she insisted. "Huh?" "PASHE! PASHE!" I handed her a diaper, the thermometer, a hair clip... "NONONO PASHE." Finally I handed her the half-empty tube of diaper creme. "YAH. PASHE!" said my little future proctologist. It is in fact the "Butt Paste" brand, and I guess I do call it that. Anyway, the PASHE came everywhere with us today, riding shotgun in the grocery cart and sitting on the table at Starbucks.

Crazy little bugger.
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New moan, yah? [16 Feb 2007|11:25pm]
[ mood | worried ]

So 3 doses of amoxicillin and 1 big dose of prednisone later, M. wakes up from afternoon nap with a horrible, horrible cough. It's not croupy, but it's rattly and she can barely catch her breath. So back to the ped. we go, so nice to squeeze us in at 4:30 on a Friday. He sends us straight downstairs to get a chest x-ray, and while we were waiting for the x-ray, he came down to personally give her her first breathing treatment. She screamed when we put on the mask (who wouldn't?), but it was pretty astonishing how quickly she relaxed into it when she realized it was making her feel better.

Chest x-ray came back icky. Positive for pneumonia. Fortunately we caught it early, so we can treat her at home (we got our very own nebulizer, just what I've always wanted), and she's on a stronger antibiotic now to prevent further bacterial infection. She's actually been in pretty good spirits today, just really tired and low energy, plus the nasty coughing fits. I hate putting so many drugs into my little girl, but it sure beats the PICU.

I think I should rename my LJ "J.'s Motley Collection of Medical Oddities."

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Back... again (or, Anaphylaxis: Not For the Faint of Heart) [15 Feb 2007|09:32pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

So it looks like I'm as bad at keeping an LJ as I am at keeping a real paper journal! It's funny looking back at my last post, when M. said "no" for the first time. Well, we are lucky parents as it turns out one of her favorite (of now 50+) words is "yes." Well, "yeah." She answers every question anyone asks with one of the two, even if it has nothing to do with her. Cute little bugger.

So much has happened in my life since then I think I will have to make a list in my next post. For now, a little bit about my eventful day today. Last night the poor little bear got croup for the second time in less than a month. Last time she was wheezing so badly we ended up taking our first trip to the E.R. This time, there was more barking, less wheezing, so we lasted the night and she actually got a decent amount of sleep. We spent the morning at the doctor's office and poor thing has a double ear infection in addition to croup! We are hoping that explains why she's been sleeping so badly the last 10 days or so. Most nights she's been waking up ever 45-60 minutes and snorklewacker and I are like the undead.

So, mid-afternoon, I'm home sitting with her on the couch watching our current favorite video, "Signing Time Vol. 1" (when she's sick we break the one-video-a-day rule) and my neck starts itching. REALLY itching. I'm wearing a new sweater (though it's been washed and I've worn it once before), and when my face starts itching too, I decide to go up and change it. My face is really hot at this point. I changed my sweater and looked in the mirror and I am BEET RED. I have never seen my face so red, except maybe that time in high school I got sun poisoning. The itching and heat is getting worse and spreading down my back. I take a full adult dose worth of baby Benadryl (icky, but it's all we have in the house). I call my dad, a doctor in VA. As I'm talking to him, my throat starts to feel funny. He tells me to get off the phone and call 911. It's really hard not to panic when you're home alone with a toddler and your breathing passage is closing up. So I call 911, then J., the paramedics come, and just as they're arriving the Benadryl finally kicks in. Three super nice southern gentlemen are my paramedics and they hook me up to monitoring stuff, but we can all tell that the crisis is abating. They don't end up having to do anything, but wait for J. to get home and instruct him to take me to my doctor ASAP. Because it was so late in the day, I couldn't get anyone to see me this afternoon, but under Dad's instructions I'm taking Benadryl every 6 hours and will see the doctor tomorrow.

The especially scary thing about this is we don't know what I reacted to. I didn't do anything unusual today. All I'd had to eat was stuff I eat every day. I took some Aleve, which I've had a zillion times before. I also stuck my finger in M.'s amoxicillin to see if it was the same bubble-gum flavor as before, and I think this is the most likely contender. I haven't taken it in years, and this is the third time she's had it. Each time I've done the finger test.

Well, hopefully the Dr. will help me figure it out, and give me an Epi-pen just in case. Time for another dose of Benadryl and bed!

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Oh my. [17 Aug 2006|01:44am]
[ mood | in denial ]

Today at lunch Micaela waved away her spoon, shook her little head, and said, clear as an empty baby food jar, "No No No No No." Then she cackled. And so it begins.....

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Here we go again... [14 Aug 2006|03:51pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I am one of those people who has always wanted to keep a journal. I have a bookshelf full of abandoned journals--keepsake books half-full with a couple months' worth of musings. These journals, from my teen years through last year, are strikingly similar. Depressingly similar. I turned to them when I was feeling angstful, an emotion that I rarely feel I DESERVE to feel given the generally fabulous lot I've been dealt in life. These journals are mostly from times I was feeling depressed, and no matter how much I wanted to be the kind of person who could pour her negative emotions out onto paper and become a better person for it, the writing invariably just left me, well, more depressed.

So here I am, the same person but not the same person--a person who now has a wonderful husband, an adorable and smart baby girl, several jobs that I like very much (though none of them quite what I ever expected be doing), and the same shaky financial situation that most people have (except for all the crazy rich people here in L.A. that constantly threaten to permanently distort my perspective). And you know what? I don't want another angst-ridden journal. I would just like that undeserved angst to go away, thank you very much. Believe me, I know that internalizing it is the worst thing to do, but really, I think my journals just made me internalize it more by justifying its existence. So no angst here! Besides, how can I feel like writing down all those dark emotions when a slightly snotty-nosed baby is crawling up my leg while giving a lecture in baby Norwegian about doggies?

I think what prompted this latest attempt at a journal is the horrible week my family has had. Physical Injury! Car Injury! Financial Injury! Bills from the IRS! Stress in Gigantic Proportions! Mongolian Death Flu! Locusts! Gory details after the lj cut. So I picked up my trusty acid-free handmade-paper quarter-full angst journal, and instantly became depressed over things I had only moments before been laughing at. Bad angst journal! Bad! So here I am, in this public forum, where I will write a blog that will make me feel BETTER. A blog that has some purpose, that I can actually go back to and get a realistic idea of what my life was like back when. A blog that if, heaven forfend, my children ever read it, they will not think their mother was at one time a self-obsessed, clinically depressed, world-loathing individual.

So that's it. Welcome to my blog. Time to go clean the snot off my pants.

For details of horrid week, click here.The most ridiculous week of 2006.Collapse )

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